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Topic: Italy Travel

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Europe Italy Travel Delight

Mediterranean Italy is just located south of Europe, bordering France in its northwest, the Ionian Sea in the south, the Adriatic Sea in the east, the Ligurian and the Tyrrhennian Seas in the west, and the countries Slovenia in its northeast, and Austria and Switzerland in its north. In other words, Italy is an open port to various European territories. Italy may just be the west’s cradle of – Eurotrip!

Europe Italy travel delight is just around the brink. You might want to pick your Europe dream grounds early as now. Europe Italy travel can go Vienna, Lucerne, London, Liechtenstein, Dover, Paris, or even Athens. Just nail down Italy as the grand finale.

To get there, Europe Italy travel can lift you via bus, train, or plane, go backpacking or fly. So don’t go worry cheapening out your trip, Europe Italy travel is a deal enough.

Unbeatable features might just include an 11-16 days of Europe Italy travel jaunt at the best $1,375-$3,299 initial deals. You’re saying, ‘It’s cheap but is it worth it?’ Just think marvelous sightseeing with tour-planner toast-orientations in Vienna, Salzburg, London, Edinburgh, Innsbruck, Vaduz, Lucerne and Paris, then Florence, Geneva, Milan, Venice, and Rome. With specialized local guides and professional multi-lingual tour-directors, generous bed and breakfast hotel accommodations, sumptuous course gourmet dinners even with wine and at local specialty restaurants in Rome or Paris, not to mention one-way train service in London, private luxury-coach travel, cross-channel transportation and airport transfers, plus special audio system assisted tours, and even bonus travel-bags and tour wallet of important travel leaflets and papers – and more optional deals to gratify.

Then catch what you came for, Edinburg’s the Castle – Rosslyn Chapel, Vadus-Liecenstein, London’s Temple Church – Westminster Abbey, Innsbruck’s Golden Roof and Hofburg Palace, Salzburg’s Mozart birthplace and Mirabel Palace Gardens, Danube Valley’s Abbey of Melk, Dover’s White Cliffs, Paris’ Notre Dame – Eiffel Tower – Arc de Triomphe – Champs Elysées – the Louvre – Chateau de Villette, Vienna’s Imperial Boulevards – Parliament and City Hall, Lucerne’s Lion Monument – medieval Old Town – Jesuit Church – the wooden Chapel Bridge, Siena’s Palio horserace on the Piazza del Campo, Florence’s Piazale Michelangelo Piazza Signoria Santa Maria de Fiore and the Piazza Santa Croce – Florentine leatherworks, Bologna’s Neptune Fountain and the Kissing Towers, Milan’s Santa Maria della Grazie, Venice’s vaporetto cruise – the Bridge of Sighs – Doges’ Palace – St. Mark’s Square – traditional Murano glass-blowing factories, and Rome’s St. Peter’s Basilica – the Vatican – the Colosseum – the Forum – and Castel Sant’Angelo; and scenic drives through the Tuscan Hills, Apennine Mountains, Italian Lakes Region, Gotthard Range, through the Burgundy wine region and across World War I Battlefields; see also Assisi, Sorrento, Isle of Capri, Olympia, Delphi, Athens, even Savigny-Lès-Beaune vineyards and Verona Juliet’s balcony.

Go Europe Italy travel delight. You can go on an Aegean cruise, sip on sleepless European nightlife, or follow the trail of Da Vinci – just don’t get lost – in awe.

Unforgettable Cruise Travel – Trip To Asia

Unforgettable Cruise Travel – Trip To Asia

Ha Long Bay - Bay in Vietnam
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A cruise to Asia may just be the thing for you if you wish to explore exotic lands.
There are many different cruise lines that offer trips to Asia, and all of them feature various itineraries to choose from.

One of the specific cruise lines that offer cruise travel to Asia is Crystal Cruises. They feature cruises that last anywhere from 11 to 16 days, and include many exciting adventures in Asia. They have four different excursion packages to choose from that include the Ancient Dynasties, Mysteries of Asia, Kingdoms of Jade & Gold, and the Exotic Asian Odyssey.

The Ancient Dynasties cruise lasts for two full weeks and includes trips to Honk Kong, Beijing, and Shanghai, China, Taipei, Taiwan, Kagoshima, Japan, as well as offering an “Adventures In Beijing” land tour once the cruise has completed.

The Mysteries of Asia excursion includes overnight stays in many cities including Nagasaki, Hong Kong, Shanghai, and Osaka. Optional land tours are also available with this particular cruise package.

The Kingdoms of Jade & Gold will take the traveler from Hong Kong to Singapore with several stops included, and this adventure lasts for a total of eleven days.

The Exotic Asian Odyssey goes to Thailand, Myanmar and India. It lasts for an extensive sixteen days and many land excursions are also available.

While cruising through the open sea you can enjoy the many amenities offered aboard the cruise ship. The ship can accommodate 940 guests, and features a full service fitness facility, a Jacuzzi and two swimming pools, a Caesar’s Palace casino, a teak Promenade Deck, and a wide variety of live entertainment and exquisite cuisine.

On any given night, or during the day for that matter, the entertainment choices seem virtually endless. On board entertainment choices include Broadway style shows, classical musicians, jugglers, ventriloquists, comedians, live jazz in the piano bar, dancing in a choice of lounges, a movie theater which features new and recently released motion pictures, as well as offering lectures on such topics as golf, gambling, health & fitness and so much more.

Some cruises that travel to Asia also have stops in Hawaii, and these will allow you to enjoy island life for a day before setting off on the Pacific Ocean as you head towards Hong Kong. While many cruises that offer a stop over in Hong Kong have predetermined land excursions that all passengers must participate in, other cruises allow passengers to plan their own day trips while in Hong Kong. If your cruise affords you this worthwhile opportunity, one of the things that you must see is Victoria Peak. Victoria Peak is in essence a mountain that features magnificent restaurants, wonderful shopping, and the most gorgeous views in all of Hong Kong. The top of Victoria Peak can be reached by taking the Peak Tram, which will afford you the opportunity to see all that the Peak has to offer as you make your way to the top.

A cruise to Asia is in no doubt something that you will never forget, no matter what your destination will be.

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The 9 Ways to Emigrate to Australia

The 9 Ways to Emigrate to Australia

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Ever wondered how to go about emigrating to Australia and go about getting an Australian visa? Wondering what the various options were and how to go about the different schemes without too much red tape or expense? There are lots of ways to emigrate to Australia. This article spells it out in 9 easy stages.

1. The Australian economy has never been stronger and the Australian government are particularly looking out for skilled people with a specialization in many business and trade areas. In order to emigrate you could go the route of an expensive lawyer, or you could get the advice of specialist Australian immigration consultants to see if you qualify for Australian immigration eligibility.

2. If you are wondering about work skills needed to emigrate to Australia or qualifications needed to emigrate to Australia then it’s worth bearing in mind that there is a points system for applying for what is known as the Skilled Visa. You can fill in an online form to see if you satisfy the Australian immigration points system as set out by the Australian Department of Immigration and Multicultural Affairs (DIMIA).

3. An Australia working visa. Managers, qualified professionals and skilled tradespeople are especially in demand under the Skilled Visa program. Schemes are available for skilled visas on a permanent or temporary basis, and are all based on points needed to emigrate to Australia as set out by the Australian Immigration Department. With the Australian job market advertising over 150,000 jobs each week and unemployment at its lowest in 10 years, being eligible for an Australia work visa has never been more possible. There is a huge demand in the plumbing, security, printing and the building trades in particular. However, despite the huge demand across the board there was a shortage of candidates for jobs in 2004.

4. An Australia working holiday visa. These are exactly what they sound like. There are many people who dream of being able to emigrate to Western Australia or, more specifically, emigrate to Perth Australia for the amazing weather and facilities there. If you are between 18 and 30 and are looking to spend 12 months in Australia then you may qualify for one of the many Australian working holiday visas that are available every year.

5. Family Visa. If you have an Australian partner, or members of your immediate family are permanently based in Australia then you may qualify for one of several family stream visas. Your application to emigrate to Australia can be done online. The Government of Australia encourages emigration in order to bring families together. Under the Family Visa Emigration Programme, migrants considering emigration must be sponsored by a close family member or fiancé(e) living in Australia. There are 4 schemes to choose from in order to find out if you are eligible for emigration. Select the one that best describes your situation. The sponsor must be either an Australian citizen, permanent resident or eligible New Zealand citizen, and would usually be 18 years of age or older.

6. Visitors and tourists. All travelers, except New Zealand citizens, must obtain a visa or travel authority before they travel to Australia. But now there is no need to worry about visiting the Australian Embassy or High Commission to get your visa. You can now get your visa online. If you are planning to travel to Australia as a visitor or even on a business trip then you may need either a visa or an ETA (Electronic Travel Authority). An ETA will allow you to spend up to 3 months in Australia and you are free to travel anywhere you like.

7. Business and investment visas. If you have had a successful business career either at a senior executive level or as an owner of your own business you may qualify for one of several visas under the Australian business visa program. Under the two-stage arrangements introduced on 1 March 2003, business migrants are granted a Business Skills (Provisional) visa for four years and, after establishing the requisite level of business presence required by the DIMIA or maintaining their minimum investment, are eligible to make an application for a Business Skills (Residence) visa.

8. If you are an employee who is headhunted or moved to your company’s Australia office then you can apply under the Australia sponsored work visa. Your employer can effectively sponsor you for this by becoming your Australia Immigration Sponsor. Under this system, if you are an established professional, you can emigrate to Australia without a degree.

9. Retirement visas. If you wish to emigrate to Australia on retirement then you may be eligible for an Australia retirement visa given each year. If you are financially secure and would like to spend some of your retirement years in the warmer climates of Australia, find out if you qualify with our free online assessment.

There has never been a better time to emigrate to Australia or to apply for an Australia Work Permit or Australia visa application.

Last minute cheap airline ticket

Last minute cheap airline ticket

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Eros Tours & Travel provide last minute cheap airline tickets within USA, Caribbean,
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Traveling in South America

Traveling in South America

Travel to South America and you will find the yourself in natural splendor. The fourth largest among the continents of the world, South America occupies about 12% of the world’s land area. Because of its tropical climate, one should pack a cap or hat when traveling to South America. A sturdy pair of shoes is also needed as there will be a lot of nature-tripping and hiking that will be involved.

Among the nations that will be part of the intinerary of South American travelers are: Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay, Venezuela, Guyana of the United Kingdom, Suriname of the Netherlands and French Guiana.

Famous for its natural land and water resources, travelers in South America will surely fall in love with its mountain ranges, falls and lakes.

One of the most famous falls in the region is the Angel Falls, reputed to be the highest in the world. Located in the southeaster part of Venezuela, the falls drops at 3212 feet from the mesa of Auyántepuí, which is found in the Guiana Highlands. Named after its discoverer James C. Angel, the waterfall holds a magic that few travelers in South America can resist.

Another famous travel site in South America is the Iguacu Falls, sometimes called the Iguazu Falls, which is located in between Argentina and Brazil. Rising at 200 feet, it is separated by a rocky cliff and island. One of its fascinating features is the way the water merges into one fall during the wet season and separates into two during the dry season.

Lake Titaca in Peru and Bolivia is another travel site in South America that should be in the must-see list of any tourist. Considered to be the largest lake in South America with its width of 56 kilometers and depth of 174 feet. It is also the world’s highest navigable lake, becoming a major transportation route between Peru and Bolivia. Other lakes that travelers in South America should note down are the Lake Poopo in Bolivia; Argentino and Nahuel Huapi in Argentina and the Valencia in Venezuela.

Another body of water that is famous in South America is the Orinoco River Delta, which can be found in Venezuela near the Atlantic Ocean. It is longest river in the region stretching to about 2560 kilometers.

Sturdy shoes are needed if travelers intend to visit the Andes mountain ranges in South America. Spreading at about 7200 kilometers, it is one of the longest mountain ranges in the world. South American travelers should also not miss the Aconcagua peak, which lies in Argentina. The Aconcagua peak is the highest mountain in the western hemisphere, rising at a sheer height of 22,834 feet.

In addition to land and water resources, South America also offers travelers a peak into some of the most unique creatures in the world. Llamas, for instance, can be found in packs at plateaus called antiplano that stretches from Bolivia to Peru. This animal provides meat, milk and wool.

The tapir, which can be found in the forests and grassy places in South and Central America as well as in Asia, are nocturnal animals with short legs and flexible snout, which they use to roll up leaves and other vegetations. However, the species found in the Andes and Panama has been said to be nearly extinct.

A South Africa Kruger Safari Combines Excitement With Luxury

A South Africa Kruger Safari Combines Excitement With Luxury

Kruger National Park is located in South Africa, and is considered one of the best game sanctuaries in all of Africa.
This park is the home to 130 different mammals, 114 reptile species, and 468 various types of birds. While staying in some of the most luxurious and stylish accommodations in the country, you stand a very good chance of seeing each of what is considered the “big five”: lion, leopard, elephant, buffalo and rhino.

It is a combination of all of these factors that make a South Africa Kruger safari one of the most sought after types of holidays in this region. Keep in mind that these amazing travel packages will also come with a hefty price tag, so save your pennies for what is sure to be the vacation adventure of a lifetime.

Different Types of South Africa Kruger Safaris

Because of the popularity and size of the Kruger National Park, there are a number of different types of vacation packages to this area that you can choose from. One option is to travel through this park by open-air vehicle, with tent camping overnight at various locations.

These tours include guides and staff that will ensure that your South Africa Kruger safari is safe, comfortable and memorable. While this may be a more rustic style of trip, the food is generally good, beverages are often included and there are ample opportunities for wildlife viewing.

Another choice in South Africa Kruger safaris is a self-driven tour with a rental car, and accommodations waiting after your scenic trips throughout the area. This is a good option for family travel, since the rental cars are generally roomy, and the accommodations are not quite as rustic in nature. In fact, some of the lodges even include a swimming pool and other special amenities to make your vacation relaxing even as it is exciting.

You can choose to drive yourself to the wildlife viewing areas, or you can park your rental car and take an open-air safari vehicle that will give you the benefit of a professional guide and better viewing opportunities. The choice is yours in the fun-filled and action-packed South Africa Kruger safari.

Finally, you can combine luxury with adventure when you opt for a South Africa Kruger safari that will include accommodations at one of the finest resorts in the area, as well as some of the best opportunities for wildlife viewing from the safety and comfort of an air-conditioned safari vehicle.

Your guides and staff are there to ensure that you have a completely comfortable and satisfying experience with your South Africa Kruger safari. No matter which course you choose to take to see this part of the world, you are nearly guaranteed a vacation that you won’t forget in a lifetime.

Traveling on a budget through Europe

Traveling on a budget through Europe

Have you ever felt that you could not travel to Europe because of the cost? This article has been written to give you ideas on how to travel Europe while being on a budget.

When it comes to taking a trip across Europe, many people think that such an adventure is outside their modest means. Nevertheless, the legions of academy students and others on shoestring budgets that come over to Europe every summer undermine this assumption. If these budget travelers can make Europe within their means, there is no reason you cannot as well.

Europe is actually quite a travel bargain in many ways, and if you select your lodging, meals and transportation cautiously a trip to Europe can actually cost a lot less than a week in some of the most expensive cities in the United States.

One of the main considerations of enjoying Europe on a budget is how to get around. When it comes to moving around, there are essentially three choices – the bus, the train and air travel. Renting a car is regularly impractical in Europe, with the different types of roads, different laws and road signs in a countless number of unfamiliar languages.

From now until the now until the end of this article, take the time to think about how all of this budgeting information can help you possibly take a trip to Europe without spending an enormous amount of money.

Europe’s intercity bus lines present passes, comparable to rail passes, that can be purchased for numerous lengths of time and which provide for infinite travel during those times. Single city to city bus tickets are regularly quite practical as well.

The key disadvantage of the bus system in Europe is that it is time-consuming compared to rail travel and air travel. In addition, there is inadequate legroom on most buses; few opportunities to stand up and stretch, and some buses do not have on board bathroom facilities.

For many people, the additional convenience of the train more than justifies the difference in price, and train passes are still quite reasonably priced for students and others on a budget. In addition to being faster, trains provide such amenities as bathrooms and also sleeping quarters on overnight trains. Be conscious of, however, that there is regularly an extra payment for sleeping cars and other first class accommodations, even for rail pass holders.

One choice that is overlooked by a lot of budget travelers is that of city to city air travel. In Europe, though, air travel is actually quite a price effective alternative to train and even bus travel. There are several outstanding low price air carriers all around Europe, and the fares they price are regularly comparable to, and in some cases even lower than train tickets among the same cities.

No matter how you get about, you will need a clean and secure place to lodge once you arrive at your destination. There are a number of outstanding low price lodging options in Europe, ranging from hostels to hotels to bed and breakfasts. Overall, hostels will be the most inexpensive option, but for groups of two, three or more it may be just as cheap, or even cheaper, to rent a small space at a budget hotel as an alternative.

For those who reach their destination with no reservations, there are hotel booking services on hand at most major train stations and airports. These booking services can generally find you a place to stay, even if the city is very full. For this service, they generally charge a slight fee, either an established fee or a percentage of the room charge.

Hopefully you have learned a little more on how a trip to Europe does not have to as costly as you may have thought. Take the time a see if you can form a budget to get you that Europe trip.

Traveling to Asia

Traveling to Asia

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Immensely popular as a tourist destination, Asia provides a peek into a rich history and an even richer culture.
In fact, some of the great wonders of the world can be found within the boundaries of this continent.

Travelers to Asia will probably have the Great Wall of China as their first stop. Extending to about 2,414 kilometers or 1,500 miles with a height of about 25 feet, the wall has been said to be visible even in outer space. Erected by the Qin dynasty’s first emperor Shihuangdi to defend the city from the nomadic people, the wall is made out of earth and stone.

Another worthy travel spot in Asia, particularly in China is the Terra-cotta Warriors and Soldiers Museum in Xi’an China, which is considered to be one of the world’s greatest archaeological find. Another tourist destination that should be in the list of any traveler to Asia is the Forbidden City, now known as the Palace Museum in Beijing. The enclosed location holds the former palaces of Chinese emperors. Tiananmen Square, which is also located in Beijing, set adjacent to the Forbidden City. A witness to a series of student-led demonstrations and rallies in 1989 calling for the removal of Deng Xiaoping, the square is now a memorial of those whose lives were sacrificed. Asian travelers will probably want to also go to Dunhang, where ancient Buddhist frescoes in caves can be found.

One of the wonders of the ancient world, the Angkor is a major archaeological site located in the northwest parts of Cambodia. A historical travel spot in Asia, the ruins have two Hindi temple complexes, the Angkor Wat and the Angkor Thom, which is less popular having been built later. And though the site has been damaged much by warfare, a traveler in Asia can still feel the ancient spirit of the place living on.

Taj Mahal is another ancient site that continues to lure travelers in Asia into its midst. Located in Agra, India, the temple was made by the Mughal emperor Shah Jahan as a mausoleum for his favorite wife Mumtaz Mahal (Jewel of the Palace) who died in childbirth after bearing him 14 children.

Bangkok, Thailand is another travel spot in Asia. One of its most popular tourist destination is the Wat Pho or the Temple of the Reclining Buddha. Other destinations that would surely fascinate any traveler in Asia are the Wat Phra Kaeo (Temple of the Emerald Buddha), which is known as a example of 19th-century architecture; Buddhist temples; the Sanam Luang, where royal ceremonies such as cremation and the annual Ploughing Ceremony are often held; the Dusit Park, Zoo and the Chitladda Palace where the royal family reside. Bangkok is also home to numerous art houses such as the National Museum, National Theater, National Gallery, Rajadamnoen Stadium (the preeminent venue of Thai kick-boxing), National Library, and National Archives.

The Philippines have also a lot to offer travelers in Asia. Its beaches and resorts can rival the world. Boracay, for instance, is known for its white sandy beaches and crystal clear water. Another island destination that any traveler to Asia should not dare miss is Palawan and Bohol, where the world famous Tarsier and Chocolate Hills can be found. Of course, one must also visit the Ifugao Rice Terraces, which is one of he Ten Wonders of the World as well as the Mines View Park and Strawberry fields in Baguio.

Jetstar Australia

Jetstar Australia

Australia’s newest low fair airlines, Jetstar runs the most contemporary fleet of airplane from among any other Australian airline. Jetstar Australia’s new fleet A320s features a bold and vibrant aircraft with comfortable leather seating that carries one-hundred- seventy-seven passengers within Australia and New Zealand, and one-hundred-eighty passengers on intra Asia trips, providing the widest cabin of any single-aisle airplane. Jetstar Australia provides a low-operating cost aircraft with proven reliability, enabling them to give their customers more savings on flights.

Jetstar Australia is entirely owned by Qantas, which began booking its discount flights on May 25, 2004. The airline offers leisure travelers the opportunity for a brand new and simple travel experience with dependable low airfares. Jetstar Australia also puts forward lots of vacation and business destinations across Australia including Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Hobart, or holiday destination route such as Hamilton Island, Cairns, Mackay, the Gold Coast, the Whitsunday Coast, and the family-friendly places of Geelong, Launceston, Proserpine, Newcastle, and Rockhampton.

With a fleet of fourteen 717 aircrafts, Jetstar Australia is able to offer an all economy service. The ultra-quiet Airbus A320 was introduced since Jetstar started, and operates twenty-three of them. The main feature of the aircraft is its plush leather seating with a thirty-inch seat pitch, which provides for a more comfortable, wider Economy seat, plus the spacious cabins that give more leg room and more area for passengers with small children. For short, Jetstar Australia offers greater comfort for a lesser price.

Jetstar staff ensures the delivery of excellent customer service, with first-class pilots, warm and friendly attendants, and skilled ground crew, who work together to bring the best Australian hospitality that guarantees every flight is delightful from start to finish.

Flights are of course, with the pleasure of a great selection of flavorsome refreshments and snacks for in-flight purchase such as soft drinks, fruit juices, tea and coffee, beer, wine and spirits, confectionery, sandwiches, and nibbles.

Passengers can take their mind off the every day grind and watch the ‘flight time’ fly by with in-flight audio entertainment, featuring eight enthralling programs to take pleasure in during the travel. Travelers can also purchase a modern re-usable headset on board the airplane for $3. One can also find informative in-flight magazines to get some great travel and restaurant tips for the next vacation.

Flying with Jetstar Australia packs in an “all-in-one” excellent travel experience, great destinations, brand-new fleet, friendly crew, and above all affordable for everyone, creating a pleasurable and satisfying flight travel.