Jetstar Australia

Jetstar Australia

Australia’s newest low fair airlines, Jetstar runs the most contemporary fleet of airplane from among any other Australian airline. Jetstar Australia’s new fleet A320s features a bold and vibrant aircraft with comfortable leather seating that carries one-hundred- seventy-seven passengers within Australia and New Zealand, and one-hundred-eighty passengers on intra Asia trips, providing the widest cabin of any single-aisle airplane. Jetstar Australia provides a low-operating cost aircraft with proven reliability, enabling them to give their customers more savings on flights.

Jetstar Australia is entirely owned by Qantas, which began booking its discount flights on May 25, 2004. The airline offers leisure travelers the opportunity for a brand new and simple travel experience with dependable low airfares. Jetstar Australia also puts forward lots of vacation and business destinations across Australia including Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Hobart, or holiday destination route such as Hamilton Island, Cairns, Mackay, the Gold Coast, the Whitsunday Coast, and the family-friendly places of Geelong, Launceston, Proserpine, Newcastle, and Rockhampton.

With a fleet of fourteen 717 aircrafts, Jetstar Australia is able to offer an all economy service. The ultra-quiet Airbus A320 was introduced since Jetstar started, and operates twenty-three of them. The main feature of the aircraft is its plush leather seating with a thirty-inch seat pitch, which provides for a more comfortable, wider Economy seat, plus the spacious cabins that give more leg room and more area for passengers with small children. For short, Jetstar Australia offers greater comfort for a lesser price.

Jetstar staff ensures the delivery of excellent customer service, with first-class pilots, warm and friendly attendants, and skilled ground crew, who work together to bring the best Australian hospitality that guarantees every flight is delightful from start to finish.

Flights are of course, with the pleasure of a great selection of flavorsome refreshments and snacks for in-flight purchase such as soft drinks, fruit juices, tea and coffee, beer, wine and spirits, confectionery, sandwiches, and nibbles.

Passengers can take their mind off the every day grind and watch the ‘flight time’ fly by with in-flight audio entertainment, featuring eight enthralling programs to take pleasure in during the travel. Travelers can also purchase a modern re-usable headset on board the airplane for $3. One can also find informative in-flight magazines to get some great travel and restaurant tips for the next vacation.

Flying with Jetstar Australia packs in an “all-in-one” excellent travel experience, great destinations, brand-new fleet, friendly crew, and above all affordable for everyone, creating a pleasurable and satisfying flight travel.

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