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Ways To Make Your Travel Simple And Enjoyable

Sights in KuanZhai Alley. (Chengdu, China)
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Are you looking for tips to make your travel less stressful and more productive?
You have come to the right place. We can help you travel more effectively. If you will read and follow our tried and true tips, you will have a more successful, less stressed-out trip.

Always pack comfortable shoes for any type of journey, and swap them out for more stylish ones only when necessary. Travel will almost always involve more walking than usual, from airports to train stations to long city blocks without your own automobile. Nothing will ruin a nice outing more than having miserable feet, so put comfort first, and save the fancy footware for shorter evening activities.

For women that are traveling, always carry extra tampons and maxi pads in your purse and in your suitcase. You never want to be stuck in an unfamiliar location and have your monthly flow hit you. Plus, you can help out any other women that may find themselves in this situation since you will be prepared.

When booking your flights, try to travel at off-peak times. During the peak times of an early morning and late afternoon, airports tend to be more crowded and flights tend to be fuller. By flying during off-peak times, you’ll reduce your wait and security and decrease the overall stress of your trip.

If you plan to travel and have animals, you will need to decide whether they are staying behind or coming with you. Pets can make travel hard if they will need a care giver while you’re gone or the places you plan to travel are not pet friendly. Searching for inexpensive care or pet friendly destinations in advance will help you tremendously.

The best part of traveling is being able to spend freely once you get to your destination. While the hotel and the flight are usually the most expensive part, the best trips usually involve spending a ton of money out and about. So before you travel set up a savings plan such that you have a fat wallet after paying for the hotel and the flight so you can maximize your enjoyment.

If you can afford to travel by helicopter, this can be one of the best methods of travel to choose from. It is much more private than other air travel and every bit as quick. It also allows you to bypass long lines or waiting around in airports.

When travelling, one important concern is keeping valuables and personal information safe. Before you depart, scan copies of your passport and other IDs and save them digitally somewhere, such as an email account. That way if any important documents disappear, you can access copies in emergency situations. To protect valuables, such as, money or credit cards, split them up between bags or people in the party. That way, if one bag gets stolen, not every valuable disappears with it.

As you can see, there are many things you can do to have a better, less stressful trip. Our insightful and proven tips will help you to make the most of your travel experience. Follow the tips we have provided and you will have the best travel adventure yet.

Travel Savings For United Kingdom Visitors

Travel Savings For United Kingdom Visitors

There are marvelous travel savings for United Kingdom visitors located on the Internet, through a travel agency, or through word of mouth from people that had excellent vacations in the United Kingdom and love to tell people about it.
The travel savings for United Kingdom visitors begins when they check out the first flight, and continue well into their trip, when they find superb accommodations at a bargain price.

The travel savings for United Kingdom visitors are reviewed when people are walking, driving, or waiting for a cab. The newspapers are filled with travel deals to the United Kingdom, Europe and beyond. With a little effort, the travel savings for United Kingdom visitors will be evident in the excellent fares they found through Internet web travel sites. These bargain prices make travel for the whole family possible, and there no expectations for the bargain pricing to stop.

The travel savings for United Kingdom visitors can be found in the travel tips on many Internet websites as well. These travel tips might help people save money by teaching them the layout of the rail system in the United Kingdom. Other travel tips will pass on the travels savings for United Kingdom visitors through the use of bargain prices that other people found at any British eating establishment.

Many travel guides are published in the United States that will show the travel savings for United Kingdom visitors by recommending that these travelers arrive in groups. These group travel savings for United Kingdom visitors will allow them to enjoy escorted tours, where they will have the opportunity to hear about the rich and grand history of Great Britain from someone who has a delightful accent that will truly bring realism of their ancient tales.

The travel savings for United Kingdom visitors might be reflected in the 75% off standard rates advertisements that can be found on the Internet. With travel savings like this, people will be able to stay quite a while in the United Kingdom, and some may never leave after they get there. The travel savings for United Kingdom visitors are warmly provided by sales agents, because they know the exciting places you can see when you get there.

Other travel savings for United Kingdom visitors are made by virtual offerings made by people who have surplus tickets in their travel agent inventories. People already interested in traveling to Great Britain will grab at the chance to take advantage of travel savings for United Kingdom visitors that read Houston to London for $279 one way. The steals and deals offered through these surplus airline package deals can not be beat, and people know it so well.

The travel savings for United Kingdom visitors is not just offered to travelers from the United States. These travel savings for United Kingdom visitors apply to anyone in the world that is interested in passing through or stopping by this exquisite entryway into Europe. They are certainly offered to people traveling from London to Nuremburg, or from other points of interest like Vienna, Austria to London, and any other place of direction that involves travel through the vast realm of the United Kingdom.

Greece Travel Tips

Greece Travel Tips

Yamas! You might come across this several times during your visit to Greece. Even if the country has several ancient beliefs, the word “yamas” is not a black magic prayer. It is actually a kind of greeting, like “cheers”, and literally means “our health”.

Knowing the best places in Greece is not enough to assure a great vacation. The Greeks are basically united citizens as reflected in the large percentage of the population that make up the same religion. They are strongly in touch with their cultural heritage and are very firm in their ancient beliefs.

Useful Greece travel tips include knowing what the country can offer during the different seasons. Anytime is actually a good time to travel to Greece. If winter means harsh cold weather in other countries, it is generally one of the best seasons in Greece. Fewer crowds mean more opportunity to explore the country.

Make sure that you learn more than a thing or two of the Greek language as English is not so widely spoken in the country. Tipping is left to the discretion of the tourists. Bills generally include the service charge, however, it is still common practice to tip in tourist areas and establishments such as restaurants. Unlike the U.S., Greece utilizes 220 volts electricity. These Greece travel tips are very basic, yet very important.

Tourists are mostly “excused” from the local dress code. Attire is probably one of the most neglected among the Greece travel tips. Most guests can be seen walking around in their beach wear which are not exactly a taboo. However, Greeks would appreciate it if tourist will slip on something more proper especially when entering sacred places like churches.

If you want to get more acquainted with Greece, you should be willing to travel its various small towns and not just its bustling cities. Greece travel tips will surely come in handy. A lot of tour guides have been recipient of questions that pertain mostly to ancient beliefs of the Greek. You might see locals making the sign of the cross without any obvious cause. Or you might see a local spitting at someone right after he pays that person a compliment. Part of Greece travel tips is differentiating a crazy person from someone that is merely manifesting his beliefs. These may all sound very weird to you, but are actually just an expression of their ancient practices.

Greeks today still believe in the Evil Eye as much as we all believe that death is inevitable. And this belief is expressed in bizarre customs. Most Greece travel tips will stress how devout Greeks are to their faith, and laughing your head off at their strange practices may give you more than just gas pains.

Rick Steves Italy Travel Tips

Rick Steves Italy Travel Tips

Rick Steves is the renowned author of thirty European travel guides including Europe Through the Back Door, and the host of the PBS series Rick Steve’s Europe. He is a pioneer in promoting culturally sensitive, life-enriching travel and has taught a lot of travelers that taking the “back door” and getting to know people wherever you go is the way to get the most from every traveler dollar. Smart European travel has been Rick Steves’ dedication and has taught exactly that for thirty years.

Italy is one of the best places to be for travel and vacation, a combination of great art, amazing places, interesting culture, delicious cuisines, and superlative wines. Rick Steves considers Italy one of his favorite countries, from Rome to Riviera villages, from gawking at Michelangelo’s David to savoring its delightful cuisines. Rick Steves Italy travel tips will help you make the most of your Italian journey and help you understand that traveling smart and enjoying Italy on a budget just takes a bit of planning and willingness to go local. Here are some basics of Rick Steves Italy travel tips:

Rick Steves Italy Travel Tips #1 – When to Go
The best travel months for Italy are May, June, September, and October. The months of April and November have a pleasant weather and usually none of the stress and sweat of tourist season. During off-season, anticipate shorter hours, fewer activities, and more lunchtime breaks.

Rick Steves Italy Travel Tips #2 – Language Barrier
A lot of Italy’s larger towns and those in the tourist trade speak at least some English, however using the Italian pleasantries will attain more smiles and results. Italian is the norm in smaller towns. Getting a phrasebook and practicing is advisable, as efforts to speak the language are highly appreciated by Italians.

Rick Steves Italy Tips #3 – Italian Tourist Offices in the U.S.
Contacting the nearest Italian Tourist office before your trip will be very helpful. Describing your itinerary and requesting information will earn you the general packet, asking for specifics such as individual city maps, calendar of festivals, info on wine-tasting, and others, will get an impressive amount of help. They’re also a good source of sympathy if you have a specific problem.

Rick Steves Italy travel Tips #4 – Tourist Information
The best first stop on your travel to each town is the tourist office. Italian tourist offices, like those in other countries, are about half as helpful but their information is twice as important. Be prepared to ask a list of your questions and double check. Italian offices opening hours may vary from month to month so be sure to get the current listing of sights and their hours. Call the office ahead to ask your questions if you’re arriving late. Avoid travel and booking agencies that pretend to be tourist offices as they will serve fancy hotels and tour companies and you’ll end up being sold what you don’t need. Tourist offices will be eager to book you a room but use that as a last resort, use a good guidebook instead to find lodging’s that’s friendly, clean, affordable, and central.

Rick Steves Italy Travel Tips #5 – By Car or Train
The affordability of Italy’s trains and buses is advisable for touring Italy. City to city travel is easier, cheaper, and faster by train than by car and it gives you the convenience and economy of doing long stretches overnight. Cars can be fun in rural areas if you want to explore hill towns, and especially important for heavy packers, as they can carry your luggage for you, generally door to door.

Rick Steves travel Tips #6 – Sleeping and Eating
You can get a good deal on your hotel if you do the following: arrive direct and don’t use a middle man; offer to pay cash with at least three nights stay, or visit off-season; breakfasts are legally optional even though some hotels may insist they’re not; initial prices quoted often include breakfast and private bathroom; for a better price, offer to skip breakfast.

When it comes to eating, Italians are the masters of the art of fine living including lengthy, multi-course lunches and dinners, and endless hours sitting in outdoor cafés. For Italians, the meal is an end itself and only rude waiters rush you, so if you’re in a hurry ask for the check when you receive the last ordered item.

Rick Steves Italy Travel Tips #7 –Sightseeing
Don’t forget to include churches in your sightseeing as they usually offer amazing art and cool retreat from the heat. Dress codes should be well respected, no bare shoulder or shorts. Make reservations on popular sights whenever possible to avoid standing in lines.

Travel Tips For The First Time Flier

Travel Tips For The First Time Flier

Since the horror of 9/11, airport security has become tighter than ever before. Every year they develop more rules about what you can and cannot take on a flight. Many of the items that could cause you to be held up by security are items that you would not think to leave out of your carry on or luggage. Some items can be packed into your luggage but not carried on the plane. Before you fly for the first time, make sure you check over these travel tips for the first time flier.

One of the best travel tips you will ever get is to err on the side of caution. If you are not sure of what can be carried onto the plan or put in your luggage, it is not something that you absolutely need, and/or it is something that you can buy when you get there, leave it at home. Not only will this travel tip keep you from spending eternity with airport security, it will lighten your load!

Another one of the best travel tips is to check with the airline or your travel agent before packing for your trip. Because security measures change so frequently, it is a good idea to get the most recent lists of contraband items for luggage and carry on bags. Make sure that you get the list for both carry on bags and luggage, because they will likely be different. You can also get other types of travel tips lists from airlines and travel agents when you are a first time flyer.

Lists of travel tips often neglect to mention medications. Even when you are flying within the country, it is a good idea to be prepared for emergency replacement of your medications. Make sure that you pack enough medication for your stay, as well as additional medication in case you are delayed in your return.

You should also make a list of all of your prescribed medications and dosages along with the name, address, and phone number of your doctor. Put it in a large zip lock bag with all of your medications, in their original prescription bottles. This will help you in two ways. First, it will help you move through security with your medications without too much trouble. Second, you will be prepared for any emergency replacements of your medications should they be lost or stolen. These travel tips about your medications will not only help you in security, but could save your life.

Topic: Italy Travel (10)

Topic: Italy Travel

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Pack It Up – Italy Packing Travel Tips

It’s always already a given to prepare at all times whatever you’ll need whenever you go for a trip, any kind of trip. How much so when you go on the best travel you could ever have – Italy. The traveler is advised to get as much travel tips that he could get from experts, tour guides, and also fellow travelers who have already gone where you haven’t. Advice from your ‘been-there, done-that’ folks and pals is usually the best advice that you could ever get, most especially when it comes to packing. Or, you yourself can find some articles on Italy packing travel tips, such as this, helpful enough. People do forget a lot of things especially when you get too animated with what’s in store for you on your vacá. And often, you also do not even know what to bring in the first place. Knowing some Italy packing travel tips might just buffer you from such avoidable irritants as ‘I thought you packed our…’ or ‘I just put it right here’ even if you really didn’t. These Italy packing travel tips may save you from additional, unnecessary, spending, also saving you of your precious touring time by just being – prepared.

General Italy Packing Travel Tips:

The most important of our Italy packing travel tips had to be, making a list of the things you will need. If your itinerary doesn’t include going to a resort, don’t bring your swimsuit, even if it’s a proud RL, how else are you going to flaunt it if you won’t even be able to wear it? Also, check the number of your items. If you’re going only for a one-week trip, don’t go panic-packing clothes worth three weeks. You had to bring a formal evening dress, but you don’t have to bring ten evening dresses. Remember that Italy packing travel tips involve playing down your luggage for traveling ease. Learn to make priorities. If some bits-and-pieces could be bought along the way or on the destination, you can save yourself from the packing hassle especially if your baggage couldn’t take any more sticking and stuffing.

Italy Packing Travel Tips – What to Pack:

Bring comfortable casuals for daytime cruises and on board. Bring work-out outfits, swim suits, or hiking boots only if you planed to wear them (resorts, spas, camping). If you’re going out on formal dinners or meetings you might need to check on the dress codes acceptable in Italy. Unless you plan to rather buy them (be sure you can), don’t bring too much accessories as ponchos, rain coats, umbrella, water sport gears, etc. Don’t pack perishable goods or disposable cameras or toothpastes – replace them with cash. Pack all medications that you need or probably will need, also hats, sunscreen, and sunglasses – you wouldn’t want to compromise your health when you’re having fun. 110-volt US-built hairdryers, electric shavers, or travel irons may also be brought. Hired photographers may cost a lot so bring your own digital camera or video-cams to snapshot your memorable moments. You might also want to check with your hotel if they have laundry facilities that you could use, or services such as dry-clean, or you can look at phone directories under tintorie (wash and press) or lavanderie (laundry). Also check out pre-handedly the most convenient (available) stores or shops for all your shopping needs.

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St. Maarten Travel Tips (2)

St. Maarten Travel Tips

Benefits of Taking A River Cruise
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One of the Leeward Islands located in the West Indies, St. Maarten is an island less than forty-square miles in size and is divided in half shared by two governments. St. Martin is the northern side of the region and answers to France, while St. Maarten is part of the Netherlands Antilles on the southern side. Both regions are autonomous and have had a peaceful coexistence over the past three-hundred fifty years. Like most West Indies islands, its sunny nature, lush natural beauty, and amazing beaches attracts visitors year-round.

Visitors traveling to this “hidden gem of the Spanish main” should be aware of some essential information about the place to help prepare and plan a great trip. Here are some St. Maarten Travel tips to keep you on top of things on your visit:

St. Maarten travel tips #1 –Climate
The temperature of St. Maarten remains constant year-round averaging about 80F and water temperature averages 78F. Trade winds give a little cooling on the coasts. Occasional rain showers in the late summer and early fall are be expected, with an average yearly rainfall of forty-five inches.

St. Maarten travel tips #2 – Currency
Dutch St. Maarten’s official currency is the Netherlands Antilles Florin or Guilder (NAF). However, US dollars are widely accepted as well. Almost all of the prices in the island are listed in dollars and the local currency.

St. Maarten travel tips #3 – Banking Hours
Dutch St. Maarten banks are open from 8:30am to 3:30pm Monday through Friday, although some banks also open on Saturdays.

St. Maarten travel tips #4 – Customs
The island of St. Maarten is fully and completely duty free.

St. Maarten travel tips #5 – Entry Requirements
For US citizens entering St. Maarten for three months or less need a current passport or an original birth certificate together with a picture ID. For Canadian citizens entering for fourteen days or less must have a valid passport or birth certificate, or naturalization certificate. If staying more not fourteen days but less than thirty days, a certificate of admission for temporary stay is issued upon arrival. Also required are return tickets, documents for next destination, and sufficient funds. For UK citizens or British protected persons entering for three months or less is required a valid passport, return tickets, sufficient funds, and documents for next destination. Citizens from other countries should verify with a travel agent for the proper documents needed to enter St. Maarten. Vaccinations are not required unless travelers are arriving from places experiencing an epidemic.

St. Maarten travel tips #6 – Departure Tax
The departure tax is $20.00

St. Maarten travel tips #7 –Language
The official language of St. Maarten is Dutch; however, almost everybody speaks English. Spanish and Papiamento are also other common languages spoken in the island.

St. Maarten travel tips #8 – Time Zone
The island of St. Maarten follows Atlantic Standard Time all year-round. For the duration of fall and winter, noon on the East Coast of the US is 1pm on the island. During US daylight savings time, the hour on the Eastern Seaboard is the same as it is on the island.

St. Maarten travel tips #9 – Shopping
Shopping in the island is completely duty-free. Stores are open from Monday through Saturday from 9am till 6pm, other shops on the island open till 10pm or later.

St. Maarten travel tips #10 – Tipping
The majority of restaurants and hotels add ten to fifteen percent to the bill as a service charge. Tourists may tip more for special service and it is traditional to tip taxi drivers ten to fifteen percent. Porters at the airport usually receive one dollar per bag.

Italy Travel Tips

Italy Travel Tips

Planning to visit Italy? Italy is a very beautiful and amazing place to visit, its combined natural historic beauty, culture, art, and cuisine, makes an unforgettable experience of travel. However, there are some important tips you should know when visiting the country to let you enjoy and savor what it has to offer and do away with the inconveniences of not knowing.

First things first, know the basic information about the place like its climate, currency, transport, language, car regulations, health precautions, holidays, shopping, and many more, then try to know of some helpful ways that could make your visit a lot more convenient in every way. Here are some Italy travel tips that you may want to note:

Italy travel tips #1
Italy’s climate during spring and fall is about 55-75°F and 70-85°F during summer and 40-55°F during winter. Knowing the kind of weather you’ll be faced with when you visit the place will let you bring the right comfortable kind of clothes and shoes.

Italy travel tips #2
Italian is the language spoken and only limited English is generally spoken as well, so it might be good to prepare yourself of Italian basic sentences that you’ll most often need when eating in restaurants, going around or shopping.

Italy travel tips #3
The currency is euro. Tipping is just a matter of personal discretion, however they are appreciated and expected especially in good service restaurants and other places. Although restaurants often include service charge on the bills, they are not for the waiters or staff. Approximately 10% is a typical tip in Italy.

Italy travel tips #4
If you’re going on shopping, remember to go from 9am to 1pm and from 3:30 to 7:30 pm as shops are generally open at these hours. In Northern Italy however, some variations may apply where lunch breaks may be shorter and shops close earlier. Sops in Italy offer high quality goods of reasonable prices, La Rinascente, Standa, Upim, and Coin are just some of the department stores that are found in many towns and cities of Italy.

Italy travel tips #5
Italy’s social culture is heavily influenced by the Roman Catholic Church that is why normal social courtesies should be observed. Dressing casual in most places and beachwear should be confined to the beach. When visiting religious buildings and smaller traditional communities, conservative clothes are expected to be worn. If given invitations, formal wear is usually indicated. Smoking is not allowed in some public places, cinemas, buildings, and transport. Taking precautions against theft particularly in major cities is very important.

Italy travel tips #6
Passport is required during travel to Italy, for those tourist or business stays that are longer than 90 days requires a visa. There are presently no departure taxes in Italy but travel insurance is highly recommended as additional security in case of cancellation or interruption of travel plans, illness, accident, lost or damaged luggage, and travel delays.

Learn more about Italy’s people, culture, and way of life to fully blend in and experience a truly Italian vacation.