Charm Bracelet Purchasing Tips

charm bracelets

Charm bracelets are not just jewelry, they are an accessory. They are a reflection of who we are. They describe what we regard as our characters. Are mostly determined by our likes, hobbies and even some times, they are mementos of past loves or late friends and relatives. They  are usually worn around the wrist.

Charm bracelets carry personal charms, pendants and or trinkets that we regard as descriptive of our various attributes and styles. They  make for excellent gifts but here’s the tricky part, if you’re getting one for a friend or colleague, you need to really think long and hard about what they find interesting, what they hate, their hobbies, their preferences and so much more. A genuine gift may turn out to be your undoing. By all means, tread carefully.

Here’s what to do and what not to do when buying charm bracelets.

Italian or European

There are notable difference between Italian and European charm bracelet, including their arrangement of pendants or trinkets. This is the most notable. While on European charm bracelets the charms hang from the chain, Italian charms lie on the wrist and are interlocked to other chains similar to expansion bands. If you like customizing your bracelets, then do buy European charm bracelets as they are easier to customize.

Select a color

The first thing you should notice about your charm bracelet is its color. The color that mostly appeals to you should be your  first pick but keep in mind it’s long term advantages. For example, gold coated charm bracelets are prone to discoloration after a few months and thus are ‘perishable’. Silver coated charm bracelets are prone to rusting. With this in mind, no matter how pretty the bracelet may look, ask yourself, would you like one that’s long term or  its just for one event then you’re done with it. Don’t rush into the choice.

Make it about the wearer

If you’re buying it for yourself, or for another person, here is what you should have in mind. Their style,determines whether to get an Italian or European charm bracelet. Their hobbies determine which charms to have on the bracelet. The animals they love, their favorite sports also determine which charms to have on the charm bracelet.  Their favorite colors determine the color of the charms.

Quality over cost

When buying something as delicate as a charm bracelet never sacrifice cost over quality. It may be pricey but the quality matches it. That’s  the best type of investment mostly when buying it for someone else or even when surprising your spouse or friend. They will truly appreciate it. Even if the charm bracelet is for you, you will appreciate the service that it provides.

Go with your instincts

Your gut feeling is a good judge of character. The  vendor may have a good idea of which charm bracelet to buy but let your instincts have the final say. You will not regret it.

Now that you have all the pointers, go out there and shop for a good charm bracelet either for yourself or your loved one. Make the right choice and it will surely pay off.

the History of Charm Bracelets


Charm bracelets are trinkets that are normally worn around the wrist. These bracelets are not like the normal bracelets in that these bracelets are associated with personal charms and the decorative patterns or trinkets that are in the bracelets are very specific and they hold special meaning to the person who is wearing the charm bracelet. Wearing charm bracelets started as some kind of talisman or amulet and the whole purpose of wearing them was to keep off back luck, evil spirits and giving the wearer good luck or wealth. During the prehistoric period, these jewelry trinkets were made from sea shells, bones from animals or clay. Later on people started making these charm bracelets from stones, wood or rock. For instance, in Germany there were charm jewelries that were found and they were about 30,000 years old. They had been carefully curved from mammoth tusks. Such ancient bracelets have been found in many places all over the world such as Africa, North and South America.

Centuries of Charm Bracelets

These charm bracelets have also been used for other purposes not to just keep off evil spirits. In the Roman Empire, people could not just announce to everybody that they were Christians for the fear of being persecuted. Therefore, they would use a small fish charm hidden underneath their clothes in order to make other Christians know them without drawing attention. Charm trinkets have also seen their fair share of fashion. The first people to wear charm bracelets were the Babylonians, Hittites, Persians and Assyrians. This was around 500 BC. However, Queen Victoria created a wave of trend among the upper class when she wore magic trinkets. This became a style among the upper class overnight. The first charm bracelet to be introduced in the business world was introduced by Tiffany and Company in the year 1889. The charm bracelet was a link armlet with a heart hanging from it. That bracelet has become an iconic representation of Tiffany even up to today.


The 1930s were bad years to everybody. The Great Depression had left many people broke. However, despite the fiscal difficulties, diamond and platinum bracelets were being manufactured in large numbers. During the Second World War, soldiers returning from battle would come home with charm bracelets made by local craftsmen. However, others were quite unusual since they were made from the bones of dead enemy soldiers. There was a time when the popularity of charm bracelets was low but during and after the year 2000, there was resurgence in the popularity of the charm bracelet. This might have been due to influence of movies such as Pirates of the Caribbean and Lord of the Rings. People started to buy miniature swords, skulls or crosses.